ABchimie836 UV LED

Conformal coating


ABchimie836 UV LED is a transparent single component conformal coating designed to protect printed circuit boards subjected to harsh environments.

It has dual cure technology (UV - humidity) for crosslinking in the shadow areas. 

This product unlike acrylic resins, is solvent free and therefore totally VOC free.

ABchimie836 UV LED is the third generation of dual cure conformal coating developed by ABchimie.

This conformal coating shows the best dielectric properties in humid environment on the market (Log Ohm > 10,5, IPC CC 830, SIR according to IPC TM 650 

ABchimie836 UV LED is compliant with REACH and RoHS regulations. 



  • Excellent adhesion in harsh environments,
  • Fluorescent under UV light to control of the layer of conformal coating deposit,
  • Operating temperature range -50°C to + 150°C,
  • Can be soldered through without fear of highly toxic gases being produced,
  • Resistant to mould growth,
  • Excellent dielectric properties,
  • Very fast curing under UV LED exposure,
  • Moisture cure for shadowed areas,
  • No VOC,
  • Floor space saving compared with solvent based,
  • High speed process, increase of the productivity,
  • Low viscosity for select coat machine (used on head SC200, SC280, SC300 and SC400),
  • Approval UL94 V0 and UL746E 



ABchimie836 UV LED can be applied by brush, spray or selective coating machine:

Recommended thickness: 30 – 130 microns
Spraying: 30-90 microns
Selective coating machine (film coater): 90-130 microns (380mm/s)

Before applying the printed circuit board must be clean, dry and free of moisture. PCBs are humidity sensor, it is important to remove it before coating application.

A stage in an oven for 4 hours at 80 ° C is usually sufficient. 



  • drum 1 liter
  • drum 5 liters
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