To protect the electronic board from environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, dirt, etc.) the use of coating products is sometimes required.

We offer a new generation of Conformal Coatings with ABchimie technology used to extend the service life of electrical and electronic assemblies and ensure reliable performance, especially in harsh environments.

These products are mainly used in automotive, aerospace, military, energy and transport applications and have the following characteristics:
Toxic free
UV curing LED light

An alternative to compliant coating is 3M NOVEC Electronic Grade Coatings.

These are fluoropolymer coatings for demanding PCBA display components, LED lighting, MEMS and flexible circuits. They also provide first posting anti-friction properties for MEMS wafers.

We are able to ensure the compatibility of ECOREL™ paste with our range of coatings, obtained from compliance with the BONO test to ensure that our residues are chemically inert, and to achieve excellent adhesion levels in no-clean processes.

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