Cleaning of polishing pastes

The requirements in the application for the elimination of polishing pastes are different from customer to customer.

The different metals, the very small and complex parts, the composition of the polishing paste (mineral and organic), the productivity and the management of the wastes are often at the centre of customers’ demands.

The main constraints are the alloys that make up the parts to be cleaned.

How to avoid corrosion phenomena in alloys such as brass, monel, ensuring an optimal quality of cleaning?

Chem Solutions offers solutions for all these problems thanks to its wide range of products; from aqueous solutions, to solvents, to hybrid solutions, optimizing the process and ensuring a high degree of quality and cost control.

All products in this range meet the following requirements:

  • compatibility of ferrous and non-ferrous materials;
  • complexity of pieces;
  • composition of polishing pastes (alloying minerals such as brass, monel, zamak and organic);
  • productivity;
  • wastewater management.
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