Surface tension

Surface tension is an important parameter in the cleaning process, and solvents with low st offer several advantages:

  1. Better diffusion and wettability: low st allows the solvent to diffuse more easily over the surface to be cleaned, providing better contact with dirt. This is particularly advantageous for cleaning complex geometries or irregular surfaces where higher ts solvents may have difficulty reaching all areas;
  2. High penetration: the lower surface tension allows the solvent to penetrate tiny crevices and micro channels, removing dirt and contaminants that might be trapped inside. This is critical for cleaning complex electronic components or delicate parts where thorough cleaning is essential;
  3. Faster cleaning: the efficient diffusion and penetration of low surface tension solvents results in faster cleaning times. This can be advantageous in production settings where speed and efficiency are important factors.

Not all cleaning tasks require low ts solvents. Water-based solutions, for example, can be effective for certain applications.

Product/process selection should be based on specific cleaning needs, considering factors such as type of soiling, surface material and desired cleaning result, cost and safety.