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ECOREL™ FREE 305-WS12 is a water-soluble flux solder paste, manufactured by Inventec, specifically designed for SMT and fine-pitch semiconductor processes where flux removal after reflow is required.

The formulation of ECOREL™ FREE 305-WS12 solder paste has been optimized to achieve excellent wettability.

Long life on the stencil and excellent bonding power ensure stability during use.



  • High productivity
  • Excellent wettability on all surface finishes, including OSP
  • Excellent paste transfer volume
  • Good testability
  • Easily cleanable post-weld residue
  • Lead-free
  • Free of CMR-containing substances
  • Greenway product.



The best process depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, board or component design.


Solder paste preparation:

  • Place the paste at room temperature for at least 4 hours before use.
  • Before use, it is essential to mix the solder paste properly, either manually with a spatula or by making several preliminary prints on the stencil.
  • Automatic mixing of solder paste is neither necessary nor recommended.


Printing guideline:

Apply the solder paste to the stencil to form a 1 to 2 cm diameter roll along the squeegee or about 100 g per 10 cm length of the squeegee.

In this way, the solder paste will roll easily under the squeegee to provide excellent print quality.



  • 250 - 500 g tin
  • cartridge 600 g
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