Cleaning of solder paste residues


TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A is formulated by Inventec, used to clean flux residues after reflow and after wave soldering processes.

It is used as a co-solvent to provide a fast and sustainable cleaning process with very high cleaning efficiency. Its excellent ability to solubilize organic and mineral compounds enables it to remove almost all flux residues used in the electronics industry today. It also produces a glossy effect on alloys and metals.

In a co-solvent process, TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A is rinsed perfectly with hydrofluoroether rinsing fluids such as PROMOSOLV™ DR1 or 3M™ NOVEC™ 7100 or to the new PFAS-free solvent PROMOSOLV™ NEO A1.

Due to the solvent's very low surface tension, the rinse penetrates very tight spaces and under low stand-off components. It dissolves any residual flux, resulting in very low levels of ionic contamination.

Compared to a water-based cleaning system, there is no risk of corrosion due to the absence of water residue on the boards.



  • It is not regarded as a flammable product, but as a burnable one. All relevant measures against fire and risks must be fulfilled
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • It has a low environmental impact, emissions are very low at operating temperatures. It does not harm the ozone layer and is easily biodegradable
  • It can be recycled by vacuum distillation without affecting composition and properties.



Inventec has designed a non-flammable solvent based process in vapour phase equipment for defluxing of solder paste residues after die attach, flip chip or SMT reflow process.



  • 20 l drum
  • 200 l drum
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