Cleaning solder paste residues and all types of solder fluxes


TOPKLEAN™ EL 20R was developed by Inventec and is the booster version of TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A useful for cleaning solder paste residues and all types of solder flux and for cleaning poorly screen-printed boards.

Like TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A, this product can also be used as a co-solvent together with PROMOSOLV™ DR1 or the new PFAS-free solvent PROMOSOLV™ NEO A1.

TOPKLEAN™ EL 20R is a specially formulated cleaner to remove all types of flux residues and contaminants (fingerprints, dust, etc.) left on printed circuit board assemblies or semiconductor modules. Its chemical and physical characteristics enable it to effectively remove lead-free solder pastes and fluxes on the market and clean hard-to-reach areas.



  • Not considered a flammable product, flash point is greater than 65°C
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Has a low environmental impact, emissions are very low at operating temperatures. Does not damage the ozone layer and is easily biodegradable
  • Can be recycled by vacuum distillation without altering the composition and properties.



Inventec has designed a nonflammable process based on vapor-phase solvents for cleaning solder paste residues.



  • 20 l can
  • 200 l drum
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