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TOPKLEAN™ EL 80 is especially designed by Inventec to clean solder flux residues after reflow. It is based on new QSA technology, which allows faster solubilization of organic compounds. A substantial increase of flashpoint, enhanced cleaning performance and reduction of surface tension makes this product the number one choice in it’s application. A guarantee to have perfect cleaning under very low stand-off components. Its excellent ability to solubilize organic and minerals compounds allows to remove almost any solder flux residues used in the electronic industry today. It leaves no white residues and also provides a shiny effect on alloys & metals.

It is used in co-solvent process to offer a fast & sustainable cleaning process with very high cleaning efficiency. In this process, TOPKLEAN™ EL 80 is rinsed perfectly with solvents from our PROMOSOLV™ range. Thanks to the even lower surface tension, the rinsing fluids penetrate into the very tight spaces and under low stand-off components. It will remove any remaining flux residues and cleaning fluids, resulting in very low ionic contamination levels.

Compared with a water-based cleaning system, there is no risk of corrosion due to the absence of residual water left on the boards.



  • Excellent solubility organic & mineral residues
  • Very low surface tension to allow excellent cleaning under low stand-off components
  • Excellent compatibility with materials used on PCB’s
  • Allows shining effect to sensitive alloys & soldered surfaces
  • Non-toxic & no CMR substances
  • No water consumption & no need for wastewater treatment
  • High flash point - safe to use, storage & transport
  • No aromatics & halogenated compounds
  • Low environmental impact: GREENWAY product.



The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time and the nature of contaminants.



  • 20 l canister
  • 200 l drum
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