Two-component silicone resin


ABCHIMIE R76, manufactured by ABchimie, is a two-component silicone resin (base and catalyst) for RTV 2 addition, that is, room temperature curing.

It is mainly used for potting.

The main property of the product to be cured is its remarkable fluidity.



  • High chemical resistance to aggressive components of some types of resin.
  • High tear resistance (this characteristic provides high wear resistance)
  • High dimensional stability over time
  • Remarkable resistance to high temperatures and aging
  • Excellent non-stick effect.



ABCHIMIE R76 resin is a two-component product (base and catalyst) and the ratio between the two parts is 1:1.

The following is the operating procedure:

  • shake the two products before use
  • mix them thoroughly until the color of the product is homogeneous
  • the working time (WT) is about 20'-22' from the beginning of mixing at 23°C
  • it is recommended to vacuum the mixture to avoid air pockets
  • the setting time (ST) is about 180' at 23°C .

The exact 1 : 1 proportions must be respected to obtain the correct times and not alter the final characteristics of the product.

Surfaces with which the material comes into contact must be perfectly clean, grease-free and dry.



  • 1 kg + 1 kg
  • 5 kg + 5 kg
  • 25 kg + 25 kg
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