2K polyurethane resin


ABCHIMIE U6000 FREE A+B is a 2K polyurethane resin useful for low and medium voltage electrical applications, manufactured by ABChimie.

It is applied to the overmolding of boards, electronic components, transformers and sensors, suitable for automatic and manual applications. Due to its limited toxicity, it does not require mandatory user training.



  • Low toxicity (< 0.1% free isocyanate)
  • No solvents, no halogens
  • Semi-flexible
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance to motor fluids.



The two parts of ABCHIMIE U6000 FREE A+B (resin A and curing agent B) should be mixed at a temperature of 18°C or above, according to the mixing ratio given in the technical instructions; in addition, before casting, it is necessary to make sure that the parts or molds are free of any trace of moisture.

The resin (U6000 FREE A) may settle, in which case, you must remix Part A to achieve a uniform color and appearance. This does not affect the quality of the product.

Before use, check each package of hardener (U6000 FREE B) for crystallization (presence of solid particles or cloudy liquid); if crystallization occurs, the product should be placed in an oven at 60°C until completely de-crystallized (maximum 16 hours). Bring back to room temperature before use.

After shaking the package, the product should be perfectly clear.
If the product is not perfectly clear after this treatment, use is strongly discouraged.



  • 400mL cartridge
  • Kit 1kg (A+B)
  • Kit 6.05kg (A+B)
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