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ABCHIMIE9030UV LED is a one component resin, especially developed by ABchimie for PET plastic, it can be applied until 2mm deposit and its curing is immediate with UV LED radiation.

ABCHIMIE9030UV LED is compliant with REACH and RoHS regulations.



  • Excellent adhesion on many substrates (including soft PET substract)
  • Transparent resin
  • No VOC
  • Very fast curing under UV LED exposure
  • High speed process, increase of the productivity.



It is important to use the appropriate LED equipment, as well as the recommended settings for the best properties of ABchimie9030UV LED:

  • LED lamp 395 nm
  • Distance LED light – coating: 0 to 10 cm
  • Minimum UVA2 dose : 2300mJ/cm² (1mm)
  • Minimum UVA2 dose : 3300mJ/cm² (2mm)

A slight residual tack du to the oxygen in the air can appear. It disappears a few minutes after passing under the lamp.

The UV dose given is a minimum to guarantee a good curing of varnish. A higher dose of UV or a overexposure will not damaged the product.

The following spectrum shows the wavelength range emitted by the LED lamp, different from the spectrum of a mercury lamp.

ABchimie9030UV LED resin should be stored in a non-transparent, closed container and should not be exposed to UV light.



  • syringe 30 ml
  • bulk 1 kg
  • bulk 5 kg
  • bulk 20 kg
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