EC RAT – Residues RAT
Electronic accessory products

Residue detection instrument after reflow


EC RAT - Residues RAT is a useful kit for the detection of residues after reflow and unwanted materials on electronic boards and components.

This product from Inventec is also used for localised detection of unreacted flux residues during the soldering process of electronic boards.

This kit provides a simple, visual method for detecting unreacted flux residue on a printed circuit board.

It has been formulated so that a colour change will occur if contaminants of various kinds are present on the surface of the board to be analysed; in addition, this product allows non-destructive testing.



  • Simple tool for the electronics industry to obtain better quality products
  • Low cost
  • Simple to use (no expensive equipment or training required)
  • Fast verification: visual results are obtained within two minutes
  • Accurate: the optimised EC RAT - Residues Rat solution can detect areas of unreacted acid residues with a NaCl equivalent of 1.0 μg/cm2, which is less than the 1.56 μg/cm2 provided by the IPC-TM-650 standard
  • Localised: the EC RAT - Residues RAT test can be applied locally in critical areas.



Residues Rat is presented as a solid gel that is heated to liquid. The liquid is applied as a spray and solidifies again when it comes into contact with the surface of an electronic board.

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