High rosin flux


ECOFREC™ CMA 155 is a flux produced by Inventec with high rosin that exhibits excellent wetting and is easy to clean with solvents or detergents.

It contains halogens, which help solve soldering problems encountered in professional and high-end consumer applications.

This flux was specially developed to respond to all soldering problems encountered in high-quality professional and consumer applications.

ECOFREC™ CMA 155 flux offers an excellent compromise between good activation for efficient deoxidation of all PCBs and very little subsequent aggressive action.

ECOFREC™ CMA 155 ensures uniform, bright, low-charge solder. Tinnings on power lines show no wetting; they are uniform, with no spills or side drops.

Due to capillary action, it ensures complete, hole-free or gutter-free filling of PTHs, provided PCBs have been steam-heated prior to soldering

Ensures a uniform, bright and lightly charged solder. The tin plating on the feed lines show no wetting. They are uniform, with no spills or side drops.



  • High rosin content (14%)
  • Compatible with various lead-free PCB finishes such as Ni/Au, Sn, Ag, HAL and OSP
  • Excellent wetting
  • Easy to clean
  • Solves problems for difficult-to-solder applications
  • No CMR substances.


ECOFREC™ CMA 155 flux can be used in all kinds of usual fluxing processes: foam, wave, spray, etc.
After fluxing, it is advisable to preheat the PCB to 80/100°C to ensure proper activation of the flux.
The typical recommended soldering temperature is 245/250°C, but it can be adapted to the type of PCB and the speed of the wave process.



  • 20 kg canister
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