No Clean solder paste


ECOREL™ FREE LT 140-18, manufactured by Inventec, is a No Clean solder paste that combines the metallurgical properties and advantages of a low melting point alloy with the high-performance chemistry of the ECOREL™ range, ensuring that assembled electronics can achieve their maximum reliability.

Due to Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4 alloy's low melting temperature of about 140°C, the product is used to solder temperature-sensitive components such as LEDs, MEMS, CMOS, plastics, and flexible circuits.

Compared with low melting point alloy solder pastes such as SnBi alloy, ECOREL™ FREE LT 140-18 achieves better wettability and solder joint strength due to the presence of silver.



  • Excellent solder joint strength and interconnection reliability
  • Superior wettability - reduced solderballing
  • Low voiding
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Halogen free.



The best process depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, and board or component design.

After soldering, flux residue from solder paste, due to its formulation, may not be removed by a cleaning operation since it is chemically inert.

However, if flux residue needs to be removed, Inventec's proposed solutions based on detergents (PROMOCLEAN™ DISPER 607) or solvents (PROMOSOLV™ NEO A1) can be used.



  • 250 gr or 500 gr jar
  • 30 gr or 100 gr syringe
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