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PROMOCLEAN™ TP 186B is specially designed by Inventec for stripping polymerized or hardened substances that are difficult to remove, such as varnishes, resins, paints, glues, inks and lacquers. It is an improved formulation of TP 188, for which it has received Greenway certification, as its sustainability characteristics have been greatly improved.

PROMOCLEAN™ TP 186B contains no CMRs, aromatic solvents or chlorinated compounds such as N-methylpyrrolidone, benzene or methylene chloride.
Due to its good solubility in organic solvents and water, PROMOCLEAN™ TP 186B can be used in aqueous immersion and washing processes, but also in a separate process with co-solvent.

Having no pH, the cleaning medium does not harm sensitive metals or alloys and is safe to use. It is a product to be used pure.
PROMOCLEAN™ TP 186B can also be used in additive manufacturing as a substitute for hazardous and flammable solvents to dilute certain resins and polymers during maintenance or production.



  • Can remove many polymerized substances in large quantities
  • Effective from room temperature to 80° C
  • High solubility spectrum: only one product is needed to remove different kinds of substances
  • Long bath life: can be filtered and reused
  • Non-toxic and without CMR substances
  • Low environmental impact (GREENWAY product)
  • No chemical hazards
  • Low volatility reduces VOC emissions
  • High flash point.


The best process depends on factors such as operating conditions (particularly the time between complete cure and cleaning operation), equipment, desired cleaning time, and the nature of contaminants.



  • 20-kg canister
  • 210 kg drum
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