Compatible with metal, glass, ceramic and plastic


TOPKLEAN™ MC 20D is specially designed by Inventec to replace high HSE impact solvents such as nPB and perchloroethylene and to offer a product that complies with the latest environmental regulations.

It is used in vacuum processes to offer an environmentally friendly solvent solution without compromising high cleaning performance. Thanks to its new formulation, it solubilizes organic compounds and enables the removal of hydrocarbon oils and greases from all metals and most plastics used in industry.

TOPKLEAN™ MC 20D has a very low environmental impact and generates low emissions at the temperature of use. It is not miscible with water.

TOPKLEAN™ MC 20D is qualified and used by several players in the aerospace industry (e.g., SAFRAN IN 1500B).



  • Excellent solubility of hydrocarbon oils and greases.
  • Excellent compatibility with metal, glass, ceramics and plastics
  • Low surface tension allowing excellent results even in objects with complex geometry
  • High stability after repeated distillations
  • Limited consumption due to the airtightness of the equipment
  • Chemically stable, does not require the use of additives
  • Very low toxicity
  • No ozone destructive potential (ODP) and no GWP
  • High flash point
  • Absence of aromatic and halogenated compounds.



The best process to use depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time, and nature of contaminants.



  • 20-l drum
  • 200-l drum
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