Solvent for removal of flux residue


PROMOSOLV™ 70ES was developed by Inventec as a drop-in replacement for trichloroethylene, NPB and other solvents.

It is useful for removing flux residues after reflow and other contaminants on PCBA, power modules, lead frames, BGAs, PoPs, and SIP applications.

The product's low surface tension allows it to clean and rinse low stand-off components and hard-to-reach spaces very well.

It has excellent compatibility with all metals, including very sensitive ones, and also with most plastics and elastomers.

PROMOSOLV™ 70ES is formulated with safety in mind. Its composition offers excellent flammability suppression properties, which ensure high stability when used in equipment.

This product also exists in a recycled version (based on recycled solvent) under the name PROMOSOLV™ 70ES T.



  • Thermally and chemically stable during use.
  • Low surface tension allows deep rinsing in the presence of low stand-off components
  • Short cleaning, rinsing and drying times
  • Continuous recycling in equipment for long bath life
  • Relatively high boiling point reduces the risk of solvent entrainment, limiting consumption
  • Very low toxicity
  • No GWP and no ODP
  • Non-flammable.



The best process depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time, and nature of contaminants.



  • 30kg drum
  • 230kg drum
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