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TOPKLEAN™ EL 606 is specially formulated by Inventec to clean stencils and circuit boards incorrectly, without rinsing with water.

This product can be used in a spray machine or in an immersion machine, using ultrasonic or immersed jets.

Most uncured SMT adhesives can also be cleaned. It is delivered as a pure product and must be mixed with tap water.

The neutral pH of TOPKLEAN™ EL 606 ensures long-lasting use of all stencils and stencil cleaning equipment from major brands on the market.



  • Excellent & fast cleaning even with a neutral pH
  • No foaming
  • Long bath life due to excellent filterability
  • No rinsing needed
  • Cleaning at room temperature
  • Fast cleaning cycles possible
  • Very low toxicity
  • RoHS & REACH compliant
  • pH neutral, non corrosive
  • Greenway product
  • Non-flammable & no flashpoint, which eliminates the need for explosion proof equipment.



TOPKLEAN™ EL-606 can be used pure or diluted.

The low working temperature and the inherent characteristics of the product provide a wide range of applications and good compatibility with glues used to manufacture printing stencils.

Rinsing with water is not necessary.



  • plastic can 20 l
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