Water-based flux without organic solvents


ECOFREC™ 303 is a low residue, no-clean, VOC free flux, with excellent soldering performance on any finish.

This flux, formuled by Inventec, is recommended for lead free soldering with alloys such as SAC, SnCu, etc…, as well as those containing lead.

ECOFREC™ 303 is a true VOC free flux. Therefore, it is not flammable as opposed to some other so-called VOC free fluxes on the market.

Compared to low residue alcool-based fluxes, this product requires less flux and thus gives a lower cost per PCB.



  • Specific gravity 20°C (g/cm3): 1,005 – 1,013
  • Solid content (%): 3.5
  • Acid index (mg KOH/g): 32
  • None flash point
  • High reliability: high SIR values and compliance with Bono corrosion test
  • Halogen free.



ECOFREC™ 303 must be applied by spray.

Topside preheat temperature of 110 to 130°C is recommended to boil off the water and non-volatile solvents before entering wave soldering.

The temperatures obtained during preheat and solder wave will eliminate the residue to give good cosmetics.

Unlike alcohol-based fluxes, this flux does not require acid index and density control.



  • 20 l drum
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