Fluxes are chemicals used before and during the soldering process of electronic components.

They can be used for both manual and automated soldering processes (wave or selective soldering).

They are mainly used to prepare metal surfaces before soldering by cleaning and removing any oxides and impurities.

Oxides are chemical compounds that form when metals are exposed to air and prevent the formation of a perfect weld joint.

Other reasons for the use of fluxes are:

  • to prevent oxides from reforming on the metal surface during the welding process
  • to help reduce the surface tension and viscosity of the molten alloy, improving wettability
  • to enable the molten alloy to form a joint with excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

ECOFREC™  for standard wave soldering or selective soldering, are low-residue “No-Clean” products, alcohol or water-based formulated, VOC free.
ECOFREC™  for wave soldering are able to meet the growing number of challenges in the electronics industry brought about by the evolution of technology itself and new regulations.

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