Tacky flux


ECOFREC™ TF37I is a tacky flux designed by Inventec for soldering and rework of traditional components and SMDs.

Tacky fluxe ECOFREC™ TF37I allow also metal-free soldering of SMDs on PCBs, the PCBs’solder pads being covered by about 100 microns of metal solid solder deposit (SSD technology such as SIPAD etc…); it also exhibits good printing behavior.



Tacky fluxe ECOFREC™ TF37I is high viscosity fluxe made of complex blending of resins, activators and solvents. After soldering, flux residues remaining on the PCB are non-aggressive and not liable to corrosion. PCB cleaning is thus unnecessary.



This tacky flux can be applied by screen printing, using a stencil or a screen.

Deposits thickness is in the range of 100 microns.

The sticky properties of tacky fluxe ECOFREC™ TF37I ensure that the components will be kept in position until the alloy is reflow using an IR or convection oven or vapour phase. After printing adhesive properties can be improved after 30-60 minutes storage or after heating at 50-60°C during few minutes.

A ready-to-use, prefluxed PCB can be stored several months, away from dust. In order to make storing easier, it is recommended that a non-stick paper be placed between these PCBs.



  • 100 g jar
  • 500 g jar
  • 30 g syringe
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