Tacky flux paste


ECOFREC™ TF48 is a tacky flux paste designed by Inventec for soldering and rework of traditional components and SMDs; it is particularly efficient for lead and lead-free components balling using spheres interconnection and for BGA repair.

ECOFREC™ TF48 is a high viscosity tacky flux made of a complex blending of resins, activators and solvents. After soldering, flux residues remaining on the PCB are chemically inert and not liable to corrosion. PCB cleaning is thus unnecessary.



  • High viscosity tacky flux to keep components firm in place
  • Non corrosive residues
  • Stable process as great reproducible volumes of flux are applied
  • No flux residues cleaning required
  • No CMR substances
  • Free of halide (Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide) and amine
  • Bono test: pass
  • RoHS & REACH compliant.



ECOFREC™ TF48 can be applied by dispensing or screen/stencil printing.  The sticky properties ensure that components are kept in position until the alloy is reflowed. A variety of heating methods may be used to produce the solder joint; these include soldering irons, hot gas and hot bar devices, IR or convection oven or vapour phase.  Printing adhesive properties can be improved after 30-60 minutes storage at ambient temperature or after heating at 50-60°C during few minutes.



  • Syringe 10 g or 30 g
  • Plastic jar 100 g or 500 g
  • Cartridge 300 g
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