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PROMOCLEAN™ DISPER 610 is especially designed by Inventec for removal of all types of baked-on flux residues and recondensed gas emissions for maintenance purpose on electronic manufacturing equipment like wave frames, solder pallets, reflow oven condensation trap.

Due to its formulation, it can remove all types of baked-on fluxes and resin residues without affecting plastic materials.

Having excellent antifoaming properties, it is suitable for spray-in-air processes; in addition, its controlled alkalinity makes this product compatible with aluminum and other sensitive materials.

It is a concentrated product that is used diluted with DI water and has excellent cleaning power from 20% to 30% dilution.



  • Excellent solubilization of organic compounds subjected to re-melting
  • Optional rinse step
  • Protects aluminum and sensitive materials during cleaning cycle Excellent long bath life
  • Concentrated product, reduces HSE transportation and storage costs
  • Non-toxic and CMR substance-free
  • Low environmental impact: GREENWAY product
  • Non-flammable.



The best process to use PROMOCLEAN™ DISPER 610 depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time, and nature of contaminants.

In addition, a dedicated PCA kit is available to monitor the condition of the bath and a compatibility report with various materials.



  • 20 kg canister
  • 200 kg barrel
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