Solvent useful for degreasing, wax removal, rinsing or drying


PROMOSOLV™ 70 was developed by Inventec to replace trichloroethylene, NPB and other solvents with high health, safety and environmental impacts.

While substantially reducing HSE impact, the degreasing power is of an equivalent level. Very low surface tension allows it to penetrate into very narrow or difficult-to-access spaces, providing deep cleaning and rinsing.

It is dedicated to the removal of most oils and greases, except water-based lubricants, and is suitable for removing waxes and cleaning pastes.

PROMOSOLV™ 70 is compatible with all metals and alloys and most plastics and elastomers.

The product is an azeotropic mixture that provides high stability when used in vapor phase systems.

PROMOSOLV™ 70 is qualified and used in the aerospace industry.



  • Alternative to chlorinated solvents, CFC and HCFC
  • Is an azeotrope-like product for the degreasing of heavy oils, greases, waxes, varnishes, particles and fluorinated lubricants
  • Can be used as a carrier solvent for the fluorocarbon lubricants, hydrocarbon and silicone
  • Is NOT concern by the FGAS regulation (no phase down)



The contact time may vary according to the surface part condition and the nature of the pollution; it is recommended to use it in a tank provided with a cover to limit evaporation.

  • Method: vapour phase process with ultrasounds
  • Concentration: Pure
  • Temperature: up to 43 °C



  • 1 kg drum
  • 30 kg drum
  • 230 kg drum
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