Mechanics or mechanical industry is the set of production activities directed toward the manufacture of metal components or final goods, or machines for the production of final goods.

Among the most important sectors are:

  • automotive and components
  • railway
  • naval
  • aero-space
  • medical and prosthetics
  • eyewear
  • luxury
  • mechatronics.

Each of these sectors has the need to have to carry out degreasing, decontamination, and surface treatment activities, with requirements and needs specific to its area of application.

From medical to aero-space, from automotive to luxury, each sector has to achieve the necessary level of quality by having to pay attention first of all to the safety of personnel, complying with all increasingly stringent environmental directives, and considering as last, but not least, the economic aspect.

Chem Solutions, thanks to many years of experience and collaboration with Inventec, is able to offer a wide range of solutions for every need being able to choose from:

  • solvents
  • detergents
  • modified alcohols or hydrocarbons.
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