Multi-purpose industrial cleaner


QUICKSOLV™ DEF 70 SPRAY is a multi-purpose industrial cleaner for manual cleaning based on HFE 7100 of oils, greases, organic residues & solder flux residues.

Thanks to its low surface tension and reactive substances it permits to solubilize most of organic pollutants. Its fast evaporation allows substantial reduction in cleaning time.

QUICKSOLV™ DEF 70 SPRAY is a non-flammable product and is a drop-in replacement for flammable solvents like gasoline, isopropanol, acetone or any flammable cleaning aerosols. It’s formulated with safety, health of operators and environment in mind.

QUICKSOLV™ DEF 70 SPRAY is only suitable for manual use. For cleaning in a simple immersion tank (no heating, no ultrasonics, or spray,...) the non-aerosol version QUICKSOLV™ DEF 90 can be used.

The cleaning time depends on the amount of residue and time between each maintenance. We recommend frequent cleaning for a more efficient cleaning process. Regular cleaning decreases the overall cleaning time, consumption of cleaning chemistry.



  • None flash point
  • Boiling point (°C/°F): 48°C / 118°F
  • Insoluble in water
  • Surface tension (dyn/cm): 14
  • Viscosity (mPa.s): 0.5
  • Vapour pressure at 25°C (kPa): 65
  • Freezing Point (°C/ °F): -125°C / -193°.



  • Maintenance of mechanical parts
  • Degreasing of low volume production of metal parts in micromechanical & mechanical industry
  • Defluxing of printed circuits in rework or low volume production
  • Removal metals particles in additive manufacturing
  • It can also remove certain residues of glue, varnish, coatings or polymerized materials, but subject to prior tests.



  • 650 ml aerosol
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