Specialty solvent for cold degreasing


QUICKSOLV™ DEF 90 is a multi-purpose industrial solvent from Inventec for manual cleaning of oils, greases, organic residues and solder flux after reflow.

Due to its low surface tension , it allows most organic pollutants to be solubilized. Its rapid evaporation allows for a significant reduction in cleaning time.

QUICKSOLV™ DEF 90 is a nonflammable mixture of HFE 7100 hydrofluoroether and trans-dichloroethene and is capable of replacing flammable solvents such as gasoline, isopropanol or acetone or any flammable cleaning product.

It is formulated with safety, operator health and the environment in mind. It can be used for many applications: maintenance of mechanical parts, degreasing of metal parts produced in low volume in the micromechanical and mechanical industries, defluxing of printed circuit boards in rework or low volume production, removal of metal particles in additive manufacturing. It can also remove some residues of glue, paint, coatings or cured materials, but subject to preliminary testing.



  • No ozone-depleting potential
  • Chemical and thermal stability
  • Non-flammability and low toxicity.



As with most solvents, QUICKSOLV™ DEF 90 is absorbed by fluorinated plastics and elastomers in the event of prolonged exposure.



  • 30 l drum
  • 217 l drum
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