Cleaning of solder flux residues


TOPKLEAN™ EL 20P is a next-generation oxygenated solvent specially formulated by Inventec to clean solder flux residues after remelting; its formula, improved over TOPKLEAN™ EL 20A, has greater sustainability and reduced surface tension to enable better cleaning in the presence of components with very low "stand-offs."

Its excellent ability to solubilize organic and mineral compounds enables it to remove almost all solder flux residues used in the electronics industry today.

It leaves no white residue and imparts a shiny effect to alloys and metals.

TOPKLEAN™ EL 20P is used in the co-solvent process to provide a fast and sustainable cleaning standard with very high cleaning efficiency. In this process, the product is perfectly rinsed with fluorinated solvents such as PROMOSOLV™ DR1 and PROMOSOLV™ NEO A1.

The low surface tension of fluorinated solvents enables excellent results even in objects with complex geometry and under low "stand-off" components.

It dissolves any residual fluxes, resulting in very low levels of ionic contamination.



  • Excellent solubility of organic and mineral residues
  • Very low surface tension to allow excellent cleaning in the presence of low stand-off components
  • Excellent compatibility with materials used on PCBs
  • Allows for a glossy effect on sensitive alloys and soldered surfaces
  • Waterless process - reduces the risk of corrosion
  • Rapid process allows for increased production capacity
  • Rinsing liquid is constantly recycled, limiting consumption
  • No water consumption and no need for wastewater treatment
  • Low toxicity and non-corrosive product
  • No ozone destructive potential (ODP) and no GWP
  • High flash point
  • Absence of aromatic and halogenated compounds.



The best process to use depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, desired cleaning time, and nature of contaminants.



  • 20-l drum
  • 200-l drum
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