Developed to remove flux residues and unwanted contaminants from printed circuit boards


TOPKLEAN™ EL 60 was specially developed by Inventec to remove flux residues and unwanted contaminants from printed circuit boards. It is a colorless, fragrance-free cleaner and consists of oxygenated solvents.

The product easily cleans solder paste and uncured adhesive from improperly printed stencils and boards.

It can also be used for removing solder paste from stencils, bad printed circuit boards, uncured surface mount adhesives such as uncured epoxy glues, and circuit assemblies that require additional treatment.

TOPKLEAN™ EL 60 rapidly dissolves electronic contaminants typical of manual repairs. The most important properties of TOPKLEAN™ EL 60 are its high cleaning efficiency for most solder flux residues, good compatibility with printed circuit board components, relatively rapid evaporation, and high flash point compared to ordinary cold cleaners such as isopropyl alcohol.



It is free of aromatic compounds, heavy metals and chlorinated compounds.

It therefore presents less risk and less impact on the environment than conventional halogen and alcohol-based detergents.

  • Flash point (PMCC): + 64°C
  • Density at 25°C: 913 kg/m3



The best process depends on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, board or component design.



  • 5 l or 20 l can
  • 200 l drum
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