Solder pastes

Solder pastes are used in electronic board manufacturing to connect surface-mount components to pads on the board.

The main process used for applying these pastes is the screen printing process, however, pneomatic transfer techniques can also be used.

Solder pastes consist approximately 50 percent by volume of metal alloy powder (SnPb, SnAgCu, etc.) and the remaining 50 percent by volume of a mixture of various components (resin, organic acids, activators, etc.) that make up the flux.

Today, the formulation of the organic part is made in such a way that, after the remelting process, the flux residue is as inert as possible, thus defining the product as “No Clean.”

IPC J-STD-004B classifies types of fluxes according to their chemical nature.

Chem Solutions, through its collaboration with Inventec, is able to offer a wide range of No Clean solder pastes.

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