Solvent for the removal of oil and grease


TOPKLEAN™ MC 20A is specially designed by Inventec to remove hydrocarbon oils and greases from all metals and most plastics.

Used as a co-solvent to provide a fast and sustainable cleaning process, in compliance with the latest and future environmental regulations, with very high cleaning efficiency.

TOPKLEAN™ MC 20A rinses perfectly with hydrofluoroether solvents such as PROMOSOLV™ DR1 or 3M NOVEC™ 7100 or to the new PFAS free solvent PROMOSOLV™ NEO A1.

Due to the solvent's very low surface tension, the rinse penetrates the tightest or hard-to-reach spaces. It dissolves any residual contamination and allows for very low contamination levels.

Compared to a water-based cleaning system, there is no risk of corrosion due to the absence of water residue on the parts.

TOPKLEAN™ MC 20A, together with the co-solvent process, has been a game changer for over 15 years and is qualified and used by various players in the automotive, aerospace and micromechanical industries.



  • Non-flammable, flash point greater than 65°C
  • Excellent solubility of hydrocarbon oils and greases
  • Excellent compatibility with all metals, glass, ceramics and many plastics
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Has a low environmental impact, emissions are very low at operating temperatures
  • Does not damage the ozone layer and is readily biodegradable
  • Can be recycled by vacuum distillation without altering composition and properties.



Inventec has designed a nonflammable process based on vapor-phase solvents for cleaning one type of alloy and all types of plastic materials.



  • 20-l drum
  • 200 l drum
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