Conformal Coating

Silicone conformal coating


ABCHIMIE SVR 99 is a silicone conformal coating designed to protect electronic boards exposed to high humidity environments.

Specially formulated by ABchimie to be easily removed with the ABCHIMIE SND stripper.

ABCHIMIE SVR 99 can be applied by spray, dip or brush.

To maintain ensure proper viscosity, its thinner ABCHIMIE DVS can be used.

The UV tracer allows easy and reliable post-coating inspection.

Crosslinking at room temperature occurs between 4 and 12 hours.



  • good adhesion in high humidity conditions
  • low oxygen permectivity and excellent surface resistivity
  • excellent resistance to mold growth, tropical conditions and ultraviolet light
  • good dielectric properties; coating thickness is typically 25 microns
  • repairability: easily welded without fear of producing highly toxic gases
  • UL QMJU2 approval (File E308861).



ABCHIMIE SVR99 can be applied by spray, dip or brush.

Coating thickness depends on the application method, but an immersion coating normally deposits a film thickness of about 25 microns (single coat).

Temperature below 16°C or relative humidity above 75% are not suitable for application of ABCHIMIE SVR 99.

Pre-drying is recommended to remove moisture.

ABCHIMIE SVR99 air dries within 4-12 hours at room temperature, this curing time can be reduced with the use of moderate heat.



  • 400 ml aerosol
  • 5 liter drum
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