Conformal Coating

Dual-crosslinking conformal coating


ABCHIMIE746E UV is a transparent single-component conformal coating designed by ABChimie to protect electronic boards from moisture, dust and chemicals.

The dual crosslinking with UV LED and moisture allows it to be applied even in areas with complex geometries and shaded areas

This product can be applied by brush, pad, spray machines and selective coating machines, the ideal way to apply it. The low viscosity of our system allows the thickness to be limited to about 80 microns.

ABCHIMIE746E UV complies with REACH and RoHS regulations.



  • Excellent adhesion in harsh weather conditions
  • UV fluorescent to control the deposition layer
  • Operating temperature from -65°C to + 150°C
  • Can be welded without fear of producing highly toxic gases
  • Resistant to mold formation
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Very fast curing with UV exposure
  • Moisture curing for shaded areas
  • VOC free
  • High-speed process, increased productivity
  • Low viscosity for selected paint machines (used on SC200, SC280, SC300 and SC400 heads)
  • UL94 V0 approved (QMJU2-E308681)
  • UL746E Approved.



ABCHIMIE746E UV can be applied by brush, spray or selective coating machines:

Spray (two cross coats) 60-80 microns
Brush 40-60 microns
Selective coating machine 80-120 microns

A relative humidity of at least 50 percent is recommended for the second curing mechanism.

Before application, the PCBA must be clean, dry and free of moisture.



  • 1 kg drum
  • 5-kg drum
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