Designed to work on jet printing equipment and to guarantee continuous and consistent deposits of solder paste


ECOREL™ FREE JP32 is a solder paste designed by Inventec specifically to work on jet printing equipment and to ensure continuous and consistent deposits of solder paste.

Although the flux is chemically inert, it is easy to clean with water- or solvent-based processes.

ECOREL™ FREE JP32 can be used in Mycronic jet printing equipment.

ECOREL™ FREE JP32 does not require cleaning to meet IPC standards. The chemistry is specially designed so that any residual flux is chemically inert and has no impact on the assembled board or packaging under normal conditions.

However, when cleaning is desired or required (e.g., for high reliability assemblies or to improve conformal coating adhesion), flux residues can be easily removed with fluxes.



  • Excellent continuous and consistent paste deposits
  • Chemically inert flux residue that reduces the risk of electrochemical migration and corrosion
  • Easy cleanup of remelted flux residue with water or solvent processes
  • Stable process that reduces rework and scrap
  • Increases product life and reliability, reducing the risk of premature failure
  • Halogen-free
  • Lead-free.



The best process will depend on factors such as operating conditions, equipment, board or component design.



  • Iwashita syringe 30 cc / 100g
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