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PROMOCLEAN™ OVEN 4 is specially formulated by Inventec for manual cleaning of remelting furnaces and its parts from flux residues.

Due to its formulation and excellent wettability, maintenance time is greatly reduced. Its medium alkaline pH allows effective cleaning without damaging sensitive metals or alloys. It is a ready-to-use product that does not need to be diluted.



  • Removal of all types of hot flux residues
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Low consumption due to low evaporation rate
  • Greatly reduces equipment downtime
  • Non-toxic and CMR-free
  • Low environmental impact: no GWP, no ODP and low VOC
  • Greenway product
  • Non-flammable/safe replacement of PAHs and other flammable solvents.



PROMOCLEAN™ OVEN 4 is suitable for manual use only. Because it is designed to rapidly release reactive agents, it has a very short bath life when used in cleaning equipment.

The cleaning time depends on the amount of residue and the time between maintenance. Frequent cleaning is recommended for a more efficient cleaning process.

Because the product is nonflammable, it can be used on medium-hot surfaces (maximum 80°C), reducing equipment downtime.

PROMOCLEAN™ DISPER 610 is recommended for cleaning in immersion or spray equipment.



  • 750 ml spray
  • 20 kg canister
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