TOPKLEAN™ and PROMOCLEAN™ water-based cleaning solvents meet all cleaning needs during assembly and maintenance of electronics.

Outflow PCBA from co-solvent process.
Inventec has designed a non-flammable solvent based process in vapor phase equipment for cleaning solder paste after reflow (defluxing) and component cleaning applications. This process brings added value to electronic assemblies in markets where high reliability is required such as automotive, aerospace, military and defense, medical, energy, transportation and semiconductor.

This cleaning process can also be covered by solutions based on PROMOCLEAN™ water dispersion. We can support our customers in identifying the best cleaning process considering the part to be cleaned, the machinery, the environmental legislation, the flow to clean and the cleaning chemistry to be used.

Maintenance cleaning.
Ease of maintenance is a key factor in reducing equipment cost of ownership. PROMOCLEANTM OVEN 4 provides excellent cleaning power which helps to speed up the maintenance cleaning process of reflow ovens and wave soldering systems, reducing downtime and lost production.

Other maintenance cleaning solutions include pick & place nozzles, wave cleaning pallets, fingers, conveyors and backflow condensate traps.

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