Maintenance is a fundamental business function.

Maintenance is understood to mean that business function to which are delegated the constant control of facilities and all the repair and overhaul work necessary to ensure the smooth operation and good condition of production facilities, services and plant equipment.

Preventive maintenance results in significant cost savings compared to breakdown work, enables maintenance of production standards in terms of both time and quality by avoiding costs of resuming or reworking products, ensuring plant availability, decreasing shutdowns due to unforeseen failures and the associated costs of interrupted and missed production.

Not to mention the cost savings due to delivery and replacement of defective materials to the customer, penalties for late delivery, costs for loss of image, all the way down to lost revenue due to loss of customer.

Chem Solutions, through collaboration with its partners, is able to offer a wide range of solutions to keep plants in perfect efficiency while respecting the environment and safety at work.

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